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Jan-March 2023

(Feb 24 2023)


Accident report: a 63m superyacht hit the back of a 348 GT tanker causing it to sink, near Nassau, Bahamas. The tanker’s AIS was off due to COVID restrictions impeding repairs

OCIMF news - its own governance system, phased deployment of SIRE 2.0, revised office matrix. It was pleased to see a reduction in piracy

Hellespont's CEO on how to sustain operations in difficult times

Nor-Shipping topics - emissions, the role of banking and law firms in helping reduce them

Will GHG regulations be tightened? - DNV perspective. 2023 is the year that IMO's goals are scheduled to be reviewed

Reducing the risks of from engine failures and blackouts - collision, groundings and expensive claims

Optimarin - planning a BWTS installation takes 6 months



Does CII work? - Neste's Risto Kariranta shares perspectives on BIMCO's CII clause proposal, why slow steaming doesn’t always reduce consumption, and how CII does penalise "lazy" ships, 

Still no clear answer on which future fuel says DNV - particularly the volume of low carbon fuels to be available and the role of wind assisted propulsion, biofuels and atomic energy

How banks are driving decarbonisation - how can a bank decarbonise its maritime portfolio when there is no such thing as a decarbonised vessel? Perspectives from Société Générale. Report from DNV webinar

Biofuels, wind and nuclear - biofuel is an option in the short term, wind is coming out now, nuclear may work in future. Report from DNV webinar

Rolling out hydrogen and ammonia - when will these fuels be made available and used? Report from DNV webinar



Tanker technology news - fibre optic health monitoring, hydrogen transport by ship markets, new breakaway coupling for tanker hoses

Hull air lubrication with no compressors - a new system from Armada Technologies which uses the force of vessel through the water to blow air

A new weather route as many times as you want for one fee - a new service from OrbitMI 

Collaboration in ship design - could be a way to develop more environmentally effective designs, says NAPA

Zeaborn’s experience with vessel routing software - comment from Dariusz Pawel Jaszczyk, master of tanker Louie, operated by Zeaborn Tankers




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Jun-Jul 2024

Tanker Operator Athens report: managing crewing, training challenges, views on SIRE 2.0