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April-May 2023

(Apr 04 2023)

OCIMF’s news from February - a “greenhouse gas emissions position paper”, SIRE 2.0 training videos
Growth in STS transfers - to disguise the origin of shipments, to help Russia move large cargoes of oil from Primorsk to India and China, to transfer LNG
Tsakos Energy Navigation investor update - how it manages financial risk, and how it is modernising the fleet
Customer commitments sought for Kazakhstan tanker terminal - to carry oil from Kazakh oilfields across the Caspian Sea to Baku.
Take bunker samples at the ship’s end of the hose - INTERTANKO says many suppliers wrongly insist on taking samples at the barge end
52 per cent of shipping fleet on track to fail CII - an analysis by Bearing based on models of the global shipping fleet
Being prepared for stowaways and refugees - the number of individuals is slowly increasing. A Britannia P&I Club webinar discussed how to be best prepared
Handling a toxic leader on board - the 'master under god', simply a bully, or even a pilot. A Nautical Institute
webinar discussed the topic.
Is the industry's growing interest in methanol and biofuels the right direction? A DNV webinar explored the issues
The carbon footprint of methanol - worse than conventional fuels on a lifecycle assessment basis, if made from fossil gas
The first ‘net zero’ trans-Atlantic voyage on bio-methanol blend - with Methanex Corporation
How tanker pools help with CII - if you can give ‘easier’ cargoes to vessels which are under higher risk of being downgraded.
Emissions data is making chartering more complex - but data and software tools can help
Optimarin and the end of the BWTS retrofit wave - some companies are so dissatisfied with their systems they are ripping
them out and replacing them

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Apr-May 2024

How TotalEnergies is decarbonising its shipping - Ardmore''s choice of VP technologies