Worldwide fuel sulphur cap agreed for 2020

Oct 28 2016

On Thursday, the IMO rubber stamped 2020 as the start date for the 0.5% m/m global sulphur cap on bunkers.

This decision was taken this week at MEPC 70 following the outcome of a review, which was submitted to the session.

A steering committee consisting of 13 member states, one intergovernmental organisation and six international non-governmental organisations had overseen the review.

The original MARPOL rule, limiting sulphur oxide emissions from ships, provided for a 0.5% global cap to be implemented on 1st January, 2020, but also required a review of the availability of the required fuel oil to be carried out and concluded by 2018.

If the review found that the required fuel would not be available in time, the 1st January 2025 would have been the new date for the sulphur cap.

More details were due to be released later today, after Tanker Operator News was due to be circulated.

We will publish a roundup of other major decisions taken at MEPC 70 next week, including any news on the controversial ballast water equipment standards.   

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