Aframax fire causes fatalities

Sep 15 2017

On 7th September, the Pertamina controlled Aframax ‘Gamkonora’ suffered a fire during maintenance work at Batam Ship Repair Yard (ASL Marine), Batam, Indonesia.

Five people were reported to have died and one was seriously injured. The fire, which was thought ot have occurred in the pump room, was understood to be extinguished and authorities were investigating the cause of the incident.

At present, local sources said that the cause of the fire was believed to be either an open fire during welding work, or caused by a short circuit.

“Initial investigations suggest that the fire started inside and was confined to the pump room. Whilst this may restrict damage and deaths, nevertheless five people died and one person is injured; they were employees of our sub-contractor. Initial investigations suggest that there was no explosion,” ASL Marine said in a statement

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