Bureau Veritas delivered an Approval in Principle to a LNG Dual Fueled and Ammonia Prepared VLCC

Sep 28 2022

This new generation of VLCCs powered by LNG features an integrated GTT Mark III membrane containment technology.



Paris La Défense, September 28, 2022 – Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has awarded an Approval in Principle (AIP) for a LNG dual fueled and ammonia fuel prepared very large crude carrier (VLCC). The AiP was awarded at a JDP Delivery Ceremony held at DSIC in Dalian on 27 September 2022.
This AIP is the result of the successful cooperation between China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. (CMES), TotalEnergies, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (DSIC), and GTT, through their Jointly Design Project Cooperation Agreement signed in 2021. The project was evaluating the environmental, financial, technical and regulatory implications of a LNG dual fueled VLCC design being prepared for a later conversion to an ammonia dual fueled VLCC.
This new generation of VLCCs powered by LNG features an integrated GTT Mark III membrane containment technology. Engineers and designers achieved a breakthrough innovation by relocating the fuel tank under the main deck to avoid weather exposure, piracy risk and at the same time lower the propulsion systems’ centre of gravity.
The storage tank is compatible with liquid ammonia fuel, giving the owner and charterer greater operational flexibility.
The tank capacity is flexible from 9,000 cbm to 14,000 cbm based on VLCC worldwide shipping routes and complies with the strength requirements of both LNG and ammonia fuels. Endurance with LNG fuel starts from 23,000 nm, while ammonia fuel starts from 17,000 nm at design condition.
The project has also received BV’s LNGfuel dualfuel, AMMONIA-PREPARED notations. EEDI is more than 40% under baseline, NOX emissions meet the Tier III requirements, and estimated CII is projected to be rated A by 2030.
In order to speed up the shipping industry’s decarbonization, substantial efforts in R&D and innovative technologies implementation are needed. Among the various alternative fuels, carbon neutral LNG and e-ammonia are seen as credible pathways towards zero emission targets.
Mr. Wei Zheng, Technical Director, Vice President of DSIC, said: “The joint development project has successfully developed a LNG Dual Fueled and Ammonia Prepared VLCC with membrane type storage tank as LNG fuel tank and ammonia prepared by integrating resources of shipyard, energy industry, ship owner, core equipment suppliers and classification society. We look forward to further development to gain a breakthrough in the market as a good start of this project is leading to a deeper and broader cooperation. We look forward to strengthening communication and complementary advantages with TotalEnergies, China Merchant Energy Shipping, GTT and BV to achieve outstanding accomplishment.”
Alex Gregg-Smith, Senior Vice President & Chief Executive, BV North Asia Zone & China, said: “BV is very proud to have been a significant part in this LNG Dual Fueled and Ammonia Prepared VLCC, and to support the project from its inception providing full plan approval and design, alongside DSIC, China Merchant Energy Shipping, TotalEnergies and GTT. I would like to thank all parties for their trust, and this project demonstrates that through collaboration we can achieve great goals and provide concrete solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to help marine stakeholders embrace decarbonization, and enable ship owners to transport goods safely and sustainably.”
Adnan Ezzarhouni, General Manager of GTT, said: “We are very proud to have developed this new generation of LNG and NH3 fuelled VLCCs thanks to the expertise of the market’s key players. This technology illustrates GTT's ambition to support, with its innovation, the maritime industry in facing the challenges of energy transition. This concept of multi-fuel VLCC with enhanced endurance not only enables safer and more efficient operations, but also offers greater bunkering flexibility for ship owners and charterers towards a carbon-free future.”

Mr. Wu Jianyi, CMES Technical Director, said: “The achievement today is a milestone of CMES’ Path to zero-carbon shipping. It is showing our commitment to providing environment friendly energy transportation service for our worldwide customers. United as one, the joint team is building up not only a vessel  but also a greener future for our offspring. With all supports and trusts from our partners Total Energies, GTT, BV and DSIC shipyard, we are confident on making this latest generation VLCC come true soon."



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