BV delivers "CLEANSHIP SUPER" notation to Aframax tanker “Green Admire”

Jun 27 2022

The ‘Green Admire” is the first oil tanker in a series of 4 vessels to receive the Bureau Veritas pollution prevention notation “CLEANSHIP SUPER”. The Aframax tanker includes a number of innovations aimed at limiting air and sea pollution and has been delivered to Aegean Shipping Management.


Paris La Défense, June 27th, 2022 – Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has supported the design, construction and entry into operation of the Aframax tanker, ‘Green Admire’, the first of a series of 4 vessels, which has been delivered to Aegean Shipping Management SA on Friday 24th June 2022 by COSCO Yangzhu in China.  Despite its conventional design, the vessel includes a number of innovations and environmental initiatives aimed at limiting air and sea pollution. 

Bureau Veritas welcomes into class the ‘Green Admire” as the first oil tanker to receive the BV pollution prevention notation “CLEANSHIP SUPER”. The notation recognizes that a number of steps have been taken to ensure that the vessel has been designed to control and limit its emissions of polluting substances in the sea and the air, beyond the standard MARPOL requirements. These include additional eco-friendly systems such as a grey water treatment system, an oily water separator set at 5ppm, an integrated bilge water treatment system, zero use of ozone depleting substances as well as many arrangements in piping systems to strictly prevent and control oil leaks. These new systems combined with a SEEMP compiled and applied by Aegean, IMO Tier III for NOx and EEDI Phase 2, enable the vessel to also qualify for BV’s “SUSTAINABLESHIP I” notation.

The ‘Green Admire’ also applied voluntarily to the unique BV notation Elastic Shaft Alignment (ESA). It means its shafting system and alignment have been designed to take into account the hull flexibility and deflections during service. The strict requirements of ESA ensure that the bearing loads are equally distributed and remain at safe levels in both static and running conditions for the complete range of the expected vessel operational profile. This is a real booster for the vessel’s reliability and ensures trouble-free operations. 

The “Green Admire” will also be the first newbuilt vessel to utilize the BV Planned Maintenance System Platform, optimizing the vessel’s machinery surveys and offering the possibility for advanced condition-based maintenance in the near future.

Paillette Palaiologou, Vice President for Southeast Europe, Black Sea & Adriatic Zone at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, commented: “We are very pleased to be classing the ‘Green Admire’. It has been a pleasure to work with Aegean Shipping Management to support their ambitions to make this vessel more eco-friendly.  We all wish the vessel and crew calm seas and fair winds as they travel the world with substantially reduced emissions.

Mr. George Melissanidis, Principal of Aegean Shipping Management SA, commented: “I am very proud to announce that Aegean Shipping Management SA has taken delivery of the first -out of four- AFRAMAX tankers, named "Green Admire", from Cosco Shipyard (Yangzhou) China. Aegean Aegean Shipping Management SA is committed to building vessels which adopt innovative technologies and ecological systems with the aim to reduce our environmental footprint and at the same time to enhance the safety of our people and the cargoes we are carrying all over the world. We are happy to realize that our efforts are recognized by leading industry organizations.
“I want to express my appreciation to Bureau Veritas and its entire team, who provided tireless assistance and support during the construction period of this lady. Without BV's  assistance and close cooperation it would have been very difficult for us to fulfill our objectives in such a timely and flawless manner.”




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