‘Cat and mouse’ games in the Med

Aug 30 2019

Iran has claimed to have sold the VLCC ‘Adrian Darya 1’s’ cargo, original alleged to have been bound for Syria.

According to the local news agency IRIB, the new owner of the cargo will decide on the VLCC’s final destination. However, no mention was given as to the identity of the buyer.

The vessel left Gibraltar following her seizure for allegedly violating EU sanctions, as her 2.1 mill barrel cargo was thought bound for Syria, giving Kalamata as the destination but later changed this to Mersin in Turkey.

Towards the end of this week, the VLCC was thought to be off the Turkish coast, possibly bound for Iskenderun but with one AIS report giving ‘for orders’ with a speed of 7.8 knots.

On Thursday, she was in between Cyprus and Turkey but outside territorial waters, according to AIS reports.


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