DNV awards AiP to HD KSOE’s hydrogen system for liquefied hydrogen carrier

Sep 15 2023

DNV has awarded an Approval in Principleto HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering and its subsidiaries HD Hyundai Heavy Industry and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for their new hydrogen system.

Singapore, 15 September 2023: DNV has awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) to HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) and its subsidiaries HD Hyundai Heavy Industry (HD HHI) and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) for their new hydrogen system. HD KSOE aims to complete the development of the hydrogen carrier technology that enables large-capacity hydrogen transportation and storage by around 2030.


Sustainably produced zero and low carbon hydrogen has been identified as a key part of the world’s energy transition. Efficient transport by ship faces a number of challenges, including the complexity of holding hydrogen at minus 253 degrees Celsius, some 100 degrees colder than LNG, at large scale. But finding solutions to this challenge is vital, as shipping has an important role in unlocking the use of hydrogen in decarbonizing heavy industries, such as steel and cement production.


HD KSOE's new system utilizes boil-off gas from hydrogen transport for a hybrid propulsion system, integrating hydrogen DF engines and fuel cells. Collaborating globally, HD KSOE and partners like Woodside Energy and Linde Engineering are exploring new hydrogen transportation and storage solutions, aiming to commercialize their advancements by 2030.


Dr. Sungjun Kim, CTO at HD KSOE, said: "We are continuously developing world-class technology in liquefied hydrogen following our achievements in methanol, ammonia and CO2 carriers. With our hydrogen system, we will lead technology advances in transitioning to a carbon-neutral society.”


Vidar Dolonen, DNV Regional Manager for Korea & Japan, added: "To build confidence and overcome the challenges of hydrogen transport for shipping, we need to bring many different partners together, build on the learnings from other fuels and industries, and adapt technologies to the maritime environment. This is why we are very pleased to be working with innovative partners to help establish new design standards, that can create the next generation of hydrogen carriers and help this emerging segment develop and succeed.”


Maria Gonzalez-Perez, Vice President Strategic Planning & Portfolio New Energy of Woodside Energy, stated: "This new system is expected to accelerate the development of the hydrogen shipping value chain. To realise hydrogen shipping, the roles of hydrogen producers, consumers, and shipyards are crucial. Through ongoing collaboration, we hope to develop solutions to accelerate the growth of hydrogen.”

Lars Blum, the Managing Director of Linde Kryotechnik, noted: "Linde Kryotechnik is pleased to collaborate with the leading shipbuilding company HD KSOE on technology and to bridge an existing gap in the hydrogen value chain. Through this cooperation, the technologies and expertise of world class companies are brought together to help to unlock the massive potential of hydrogen.”


Samuel Zouaghi, CEO of Cryostar, commented: "Cryostar is progressively developing equipment for hydrogen, both on land and at sea. Leveraging our expertise, we will develop equipment that aligns perfectly with the newly developed system and hydrogen vessels.”



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