Early Zanzibar success for SafeSTS

Sep 20 2023

SafeSTS launches its LPG ship-to-ship transfer service from Zanzibar

SafeSTS recently launched its LPG ship-to-ship transfer service from Zanzibar, off the coast of East Africa.


A full set of STS equipment for LPG operations is now located in region with SafeSTS having the capabilities to undertake up to VLGC to VLGC transfer operations.

The company works with a local agent to facilitate the permit process associated with each STS operation, and although there is a daylight hours restriction associated with all berthing and unberthing activities offshore Zanzibar, the benign weather and sea conditions of the Indian Ocean allows transfer operations to be suitably timed.


Commenting on the progress of the company's latest expansion, SafeSTS Chief Executive Yvonne Gilchrist-Mason OBE said:


"Zanzibar Port is only just over 19 nautical miles from the Tanzanian coast, which makes it an important gateway into East Africa and has resulted in increasing interest from our client base. This was one of the factors which influenced our decision to expand our operations to Zanzibar."


She added:


"I am very pleased with the LPG industry's early take-up of our new STS service, and hopefully this early growth will continue for the foreseeable future".


From its headquarters in Diss in Norfolk, UK, and through a growing number of in-country offices, SafeSTS now manages lightering operations from 17 locations around the world. All such operations are undertaken in line with Marpol Chapter 8 and the latest ICS/OCIMF ship-to-ship transfer guidelines.


All its POACs have undergone global training and are Marpol compliant, enabling them to work to the highest standards.  They all have a detailed understanding of vessel dynamics, operability logistics, skills which are underpinned with respect for the country and culture in which transfer operations take place.


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