Fully automated ECDIS updating now available

May 18 2018

Norwegian-based navigation service supplier Nautisk has launched an automated and secure ECDIS chart update feature.

This comes in the form of a new hardware product, the patented NaviUpdate.

Nautisk said that the industry’s key issues of compliance, cyber security and real-time vessel monitoring are behind the development of this solution.

Designed to automatically provide secure updates to ECDIS, NaviUpdate is claimed to eliminate the need for manual operation. It is also claimed to be the only totally digital updating solution, that does not require the use of CDs, DVDs or USB devices, as NaviUpdate acts as a server on the bridge delivering updated information directly to the ECDIS.

The solution is protected by a robust firewall and anti-virus software, reducing the risk of ECDIS becoming infected with malware transferred through the use of flash drives or CDs from internal and external sources.

John Dawson, Nautisk’s head of marketing, explained: “NaviUpdate streamlines bridge operations, ensuring compliance automatically anywhere in the world while enhancing cyber security. But it also goes that one step further in delivering real time vessel tracking and monitoring to shore systems. Utilising multiple data streams, such as GPS, AIS, ARPA, it has the ability to monitor rev/min, oil, temperature, fuel state and more.”

Developed in partnership with MarineMTS, NaviUpdate has undergone rigorous testing to create a flexible and effective solution that is fully compatible with a vessel’s existing communications system and the existing Nautisk product portfolio, including the patented voyage planning software NaviPlanner.

The hardware can also be configured to download updates when it is most cost effective, whether that is via VSAT, Fleet Broadband, GSM or other connections.

Dawson added: “Making real-time data from on-board sensors much more transparent is a huge benefit for operators who are keen to analyse data for improved performance management. Confidence in a secure connection at the right price will really unlock the potential of data analytics within the shipping industry.”

 “In our customers’ experience, when there is just one monthly invoice for single or multiple vessels for a range of digital navigation products, they appreciate how much time can be saved on keeping vessels compliant,” he said.

The system is a subscription-based service for a low, fixed monthly fee complemented by a free support service, 24/7 through the global Nautisk team.


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