Hanseaticsoft launches Cloud MRV

Jun 30 2017

Ahead of the new EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulation which comes into force on 1st January 2018, Hanseaticsoft has launched Cloud MRV, a new web-based module to enable shipping companies to achieve compliance easily and with minimal effort.

Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud MRV module simplifies the process of data monitoring, capture and reporting by offering a single app, into which data can be input from the ship, which is then aggregated, synchronised and transmitted to relevant parties quickly and seamlessly, the company claimed.

The benefits are many, including the fact that all data is managed in one system and further calculations are carried out automatically within the system. The data is automatically aggregated and the results prepared in a format ready for companies to simply submit to an IACS member who has been approved by the EC as verifiers of the data.

Alexander Buchmann, Hanseaticsoft managing director, said, "Our new solution really is MRV made easy - making compliance simple, painless and cost-effective. Using our Cloud Ship Manager (CSM) all data can be captured offline on board and synchronised to the cloud, as soon as there is an internet connection available.

“With all data stored in the cloud, all that is required is internet access to inspect data from all vessels. This can be done at any time or in any location. Data is transmitted from the vessels easily and can be accessed immediately by relevant parties who can inspect reports about their entire fleet using their web browser. They don’t have to install any software in the office,” he said.  

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