Heidmar CEO mystery

Jan 31 2014

Heidmar has appeared to have undertaken a ‘U’ turn over the appointment of its new CEO.

Just a few days after announcing that Hans van der Zijde had been appointed to the post, came the announcement that Ben Ognibene is to be Heidmar’s new CEO.

In a statement the company said; “On reflection, the board has concluded that such a move (for van der Zijde) would not be the best choice for the company and its pool partners, customers, employees and shareholders.

“Fortunately, the board was in a position to be able to look to Ben to permanently assume the leadership of the Heidmar team, which he has been instrumental in building over many years,” it said. 

Heidmar wishes van der Zijde all the best. The board respects the work he has done at WOMAR since its inception. We are confident he will continue to lead this joint venture to even greater future success, the company said.

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