Høglund lands six repeat orders to supply integrated automation and control for VLECs

Sep 27 2022

New orders will go to China-Abu Dhabi joint venture AW Shipping Ltd., Pacific Gas and Tianjin Southwest Maritime


Tønsberg, Norway, 27 September 2022: Automation specialist Høglund Marine Solutions has signed six more contracts with Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co Ltd and Babcock LGE to supply Integrated Automation (IAS), Cargo and Fuel Gas Control Systems (CCS and FGCS) for six very large ethane carrier (VLEC) newbuilds. Three vessels will be owned by AW Shipping Limited, (a joint venture shipping company, established by Wanhua Chemical Group and Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Corporation), one by Hong Kong-headquartered Pacific Gas and two by Tianjin Southwest Maritime. 

These new contracts build on strong collaboration between Høglund, Jiangnan and Babcock. Previous joint projects supplied the same scope for four newbuilds in 2021 and 2022 – the world’s largest VLEC vessels.

By utilizing Høglund’s fully integrated automation including Power Management System (PMS), cargo and fuel gas control based on one common hard- and software platform, the vessels are providing an enhanced operational efficiency. The Fuel Gas Supply System as a component of the gas handling plant on board provides ethane from cargo to the main engine which runs on dual fuel (oil and ethanol). During voyage, a shaft generator provides power to all on-board systems enabling greater energy optimisation throughout the ship. 

These projects fulfil rigorous specifications for fully integrated automation, incorporating a ship performance monitor to help support long-term performance optimisation, giving users on board and ashore easy access to the wealth of data generated by all systems. 

Combining advanced efficiency technology with the complex task of integrating automation and controls on gas newbuilds is a challenging engineering task and requires a solid automation paired with deep operational knowledge in all areas.

As evidenced by previous projects, these challenges can only be overcome with effective collaboration between yards, suppliers and marine solutions specialists on the design and installation of integrated systems. Joint efforts between partners is key to guaranteeing that these VLEC newbuilds will have significantly enhanced reliability, efficiency and simplified lifetime maintenance upon delivery.

Commenting on these multiple contracts, Peter Morsbach, VP Sales at Høglund Marine Solutions, said: “We’re extremely proud to be working again with our partners Jiangnan Shipyard and Babcock. This demonstrates how important specialist automation expertise is when it comes to new vessel types that require multiple complex systems to work together seamlessly. These VLECs are the largest of their kind and represent a new frontier in performance. As this repeat order shows, a new generation of vessels needs a new level of focus on integrated automation, and we’re glad that our partners recognise this.”

Wang Yu, Senior Electrical Supervisor at Pacific Gas, said: “Høglund, Jiangnan and Babcock have demonstrated how important it is for suppliers to collaborate effectively to make a new generation of ships a reality. We are pleased to be working with them again and appreciate how the hard work and dedication of these partners has resulted in a high-performing, reliable and safe model of ship.”

The six ships will be delivered from February 2024 to February 2025.


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