NAPA teams up with AutoCAD

Jul 22 2016

Maritime software, data analysis and services provider, NAPA and Tech Soft 3D, a software company developing tools for engineering creating applications and worldwide distributor of AutoCAD OEM, have announced that NAPA Drafting software has been developed using the AutoCAD OEM platform from Autodesk.

This allows NAPA Drafting to deliver 2D drawing functionality automatically from NAPA 3D databases, enhancing productivity for shipyards and speeding compliance processes, the company claimed.

NAPA Drafting is also able to automatically generate 2D section drawings from the 3D NAPA ship model created in NAPA Steel. The tool can easily and quickly extract the data from the in-progress, or completed, 3D product models and translate it into the 2D drawings required for class approval.

This includes automatically importing data such as plate thickness and material or compartment name and purpose, to automatically create the annotations typically used in ship structural drawings. The drawings can then be edited and enriched using AutoCAD’s many drawing tools, including customising all imported annotations.

OEM training and toolkit support provided by Tech Soft 3D enables NAPA developers and engineers to quickly and easily get up to speed on AutoCAD OEM.

Tom Sundell, NAPA’s chief portfolio officer, commented:“NAPA has long sought to harness cutting-edge technology to continuously enhance productivity for yards and naval architecture teams. They need to be able to quickly, clearly, and accurately demonstrate the safety and viability of their designs throughout the class approval process.

“This is what we have succeeded in recently with class software integrations for NAPA Steel and NAPA Statutory Compliance, and it is what we have returned to here to support the automatic creation of accurate, annotated and compatible 2D section drawings. When developing NAPA Drafting, we knew we wanted nothing less than the market standard in 2D drawings. The AutoCAD OEM technology provides this, has improved the speed and efficiency of our development process, and ultimately helps us to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers. In addition, the support, training and consultancy services we received from our partner, Tech Soft 3D, was critical to our success.”

Rob Maguire, director, AutoCAD platform product line group, said: “Given the importance of NAPA software in serving the international shipbuilding industry, we’re delighted our technology will play such a pivotal role in serving this industry. AutoCAD OEM supports NAPA’s goal to create a premier 2D drafting solution that accurately captures the 3D models generated by its suite of market-leading software.” 

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