Number of VIQ training videos increase

Mar 20 2015

KARCO has released its latest video - ‘Auditing the Engine Room and Steering Gear Department’.

Continuing with the company’s developments, KARCO said that it had added this new title to the series of OCIMF VIQ videos, thus expanding the existing library covering Chapter 4 (Vetting the Bridge), Chapter 5 (Safety Management), Chapter 8 (Cargo & Ballast Systems), Chapter 9 (Mooring).

This latest title is based on Chapter 11 (Engine and Steering Compartment) and further contributes to preparing the ship’s crew for a SIRE inspections, the company said.

The main points of this 20 minute video are:-

    *Developed using the powerful 3D animation platform.

    *Based on Chapter 11 of the SIRE VIQ- Engine Room & Steering Gear compartments.

    * Designed for all types of vessels, since  the observations are generic.

    *More than 75 repetitive observations covered visually.

    *Focus on the most repetitive observations of over 300 vessels covering a two-year period.

    * Gaps in documentation highlighted.

    *Bunkering procedure failures dealt with.

    *Missing PMS items focused upon.

 * Personal safety and fire fighting items, attention drawn upon.

    * Pollution concerns addressed.

    * Various other observations made. 

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