OCIMF releases TMSA3

Apr 13 2017

As highlighted in last week’s news, OCIMF released its 3rd edition of Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA3) on Monday.

The TMSA programme sets out 13 elements of management practice that are essential for the effective management of operation of vessels. Originally launched in 2004, TMSA has rapidly gained international credibility and is used across the industry, OCIMF claimed.

As well as this printed guide, the TMSA programme includes an online tool for recording self assessment, plus a database for sharing reports, providing ship operators with an interactive platform to monitor and improve performance and attain high standards of safety.

A useful complement to IMO conventions and codes, this 3rd edition has been comprehensively updated to reflect current legislation and emerging issues, and incorporates feedback from companies and users of previous TMSA editions, as well as providing guidance on OCIMF’s view of industry best practice.

TMSA3 Includes:

  • Updated industry legislative requirements, including the Manila Amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, the Polar Code and the Ballast Water Management Convention.
  • A new element 13 covering Maritime Security.
  • Expanded best practice guidance to complement key performance indicators and remove ambiguity and duplication.
  • Streamlining and merging of elements to improve consistency and make conducting the self assessment easier.
  • Revised Environmental and Energy Management Element, which now incorporates the OCIMF Energy Efficiency and Fuel Management paper that was a supplement to TMSA2.

TMSA3 will be available in the SIRE programme and the book is now available to purchase from Witherbys (www.witherbyseamanship.com).

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