OPA 90 Forum elects new board and to present at CMA Shipping 2023

Mar 14 2023

The OPA90 Forum will host a response conference session during the annual CMA Shipping Conference.

The OPA 90 Forum, whose mission is to provide a forum for those concerned with OPA 90 preparedness, prevention and response, with the goal of reducing the number and severity of incidents and increasing the effectiveness of response has concluded its’ Annual General Meeting along with the election of Board members and Officers.


The new leadership team is comprised of:


Doug Martin, Chair, President of SMIT Salvage Americas, LLC


Mike Gallagher, Vice Chair, Senior Managing Director, Witt O’Brien’s


Susan Inman, Secretary, Mid Coast Advocate, One Hundred Miles


Tim Williamson, Treasurer, Vice President Salvage Operations, Donjon Marine Co., Inc.


The Board would like to thank Joe Cox who was the Forum’s Chairman from its inception. His command of corporate governance, his clear commitment to the environment of the United States and beyond, and his vast experience in the maritime industry, where he was formerly the CEO of the Chamber of Shipping of America brought a structure and discipline that enabled the Forum to tackle several initiatives from the start. These qualities provided the forum with a steady hand at the wheel, clear eye for the future and fueled an unwavering enthusiasm for the mission among the Board and members.


New Board Chairman, Doug Martin, said “Joe’s contributions are an inspiration. He and the board and members have created a group dedicated to the protection of the environment, respect for and a constant attention to the goals of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. I’m honored to follow in Joe’s footsteps, and delighted to be surrounded by such an experienced and committed professional community.” The vision of the Forum is to preserve and enhance the intent of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90).


The enactment of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) culminated a 20-year effort to comprehensively address not only liability arising out of oil pollution in and on the navigable waters of the US, but also to create an effective system to prevent, prepare and respond both to the threat of, and an actual spill.


This statute has succeeded in achieving its fundamental purpose - the substantial reduction in oil pollution of US waters and serves as a model for other nations considering how best to protect their waters. The OPA 90 Forum aspires to preserve and enhance the intent of OPA 90 as advancing technology, new industries and importantly years of experience provide information and context. We intend to achieve these common goals through active partnership with individuals, industry, non-profits, and government.


The OPA90 Forum will host a response conference session in Stamford, Ct. during the annual CMA Shipping Conference, on March 22.


Founded in 2021, membership is open to any entity or individual concerned with preparedness, prevention, and response pursuant to OPA 90.


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