Solar Solve wins large tanker orders

Mar 22 2019

Solar Solve marine is currently manufacturing around 600 of the SOLASAFE anti-glare roller sunscreens to be installed on 40 vessels that are being built in South Korea this year.

Included in the order is a series of 14 VLCCs being constructed by Daewoo. 

The vessels are being built for owners in Norway, Greece, the US and South Korea. They will each be fitted with 17 SOLASOLV screens.

In addition, there is also a series of five MRs destined for Japanese owners.

Solar Solve chairman John Lightfoot, MBE, explained, “In early January, as part of our internal staff training, we re-visited a closed out SWOT exercise to follow up on actions that had to be taken. During the training session, it was suggested that BREXIT should be considered both a Threat and an Opportunity and subsequently it was written up as such.”

“This inspired the sales and marketing team in early February, to contact Solar Solve’s worldwide distributor network and customers with outstanding quotations, to remind them that BREXIT was due to come into effect on 29th March this year and we had no idea what effect it would have on the service we will be able to provide in the days and weeks after that date. 

“What we did know was that we have the resources and capability to manufacture the equivalent of six months of orders or more in a very short space of time, so if they wanted to bring any orders forward and have them dispatched before 26th March, to be sure they receive them before needed, maybe they should do so.

“Our distributor in Busan, along with many other distributors and customers who had orders on hold, decided it is better to be safe than sorry, went along with the suggestion and placed orders, lots of them,” he said.

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