Thordon unveils new bearing information portal

May 11 2018

Thordon Bearings has introduced a new web-based platform to provide information about the commercial, technical and environmental advantages of using grease-free and water-lubricated polymer bearings across a wide variety of applications.

Covering all of Thordon’s target market sectors, the new website has been designed to provide shipowners, shipyards and propulsion system integrators, in particular, with the information they need to make more informed procurement decisions, especially with regards to water-lubricated propeller shafts.


Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings’ director of marketing and customer service, explained: “Rather than redesigning a website simply to promote Thordon products, we wanted to provide an information portal for our existing and potential customers, whether they operate in the maritime space, hydro-power or land-based industrial sectors.


“Visitors to are able to hone in on the sectors relevant to their operations. For instance, maritime customers can find out about the Thordon solutions specific to the naval, commercial, leisure and workboat segments, download technical papers, design and engineering manuals and view a number of ‘how it works’ videos,” he said.


Other areas included in the portal include details of Thordon distributors and service agents.


“There is growing interest in our high-performance polymer bearing systems. This new information portal will allow those considering the move away from traditional bearing materials to better understand the cost-savings such systems can afford,” Carter explained.


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