Ulysses and Vesselman’s crew management system for dry dock and maintenance

Apr 03 2024

Crew Management System to improve manning based on skills, experience and business requirements relevant to Maintenance and DryDocking activities

The new software solution developed by Greek ULYSSES HELLAS S.A. and Norwegian VESSELMAN AS is a universal crew management solution that captures crew experience skills and business requirements relevant to Maintenance and DryDocking activities.


Crew management solution

It is a unique crew management solution because it can converse with any HR system with the goal to optimise:


  • the manning of deep sea and offshore vessels
  • the cost efficiency of vessels’ technical performance
  • the skills gap and shortage of qualified crew, which causes high operating costs and increased risk


Crew competence

Crew competence is a key factor for a shipping company to achieve high level quality of operations and requires employing qualified engineers with the technical skills and experience to cover both planned maintenance and unexpected incidents that may occur during a voyage.







Work Experience and Skills

Personal crew records include work experience and skills that mariners accumulate during their career. Additionally, all mariners provide this information and records to many different software systems in many different companies.


Hassle-free recruitment of crews

Since every Human Resources (HR) system documents this crucial information differently, making personal crew records available to ship managers in the HR system the company uses, significantly contributes to hassle-free recruitment of crews that best match the business requirements for the technical projects of the enterprise.


ULYSSES and VESSELMAN’s crew management solution, therefore, solves the problem of how to access this valuable information by providing:


  • flexible indexing for crew work-related records that can be accessed by any system
  • collection of crew work-related records as by-product of using other software Mariners time on a project gets recorded as they report their work. No need for detailed and properly documented time sheets


The solution comes to fill an evident market gap where crewing departments have traditionally relied on the subjective judgment of office crew officers and basic sailing time metrics for decision-making.


Who benefits?

Crew benefit by capturing their accumulated skills and experience from any crew management system the employer shipping company uses.


Ship management crewing departments who are looking to employ competent crew


Ship management technical departments who have the resources they need for the company technical projects


Crew Agents, who try to match the skills and experience from the pool pf crew with the requirements of hip management companies





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