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Cyprus – education, digital, IMO and flag

(May 07 2020)

We spoke with Natasa Pilides, the Shipping Deputy Minister of the Republic of Cyprus, about how the Cyprus government is supporting maritime education and skill development, how it is developing digital tools, how it seeks to influence the IMO, and ...

Removing hazardous vapours from tanks using nanotechnology

(Apr 16 2020)

Ecochlor is providing a technology which removes VOC vapours from fuel and cargo tanks, and suppresses further evaporation from fuel and sludge with a liquid suppressant.

1m tonnes of refined products parked in 30 tankers off Europe - Reuters

(Apr 16 2020)

An analysis by Reuters found that there are currently nearly 1m tonnes of refined products in 30 tankers parked off Europe's coast.

Iranian troops "seize Chinese tanker by mistake"

(Apr 16 2020)

According to a UK Times article, marines from Iran's Revolutionary Guard may have seized a tanker at the entrance to the Gulf on Tuesday night (Apr 14), and released her after finding she was Chinese.

US Port Access, P&I Assistance and Crisis Communications webinar

(Apr 02 2020)

We are pleased to announce the next in the Maritime London series of webinars on the impact of COVID-19 organised jointly with Members.

Phillips 66 and Trafigura form joint venture to develop deepwater port

(Mar 12 2020)

Phillips 66 and Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd announce they have formed a 50/50 joint venture, Bluewater Texas Terminal LLC (“Bluewater Texas”), to develop an offshore deepwater port project located approximately 21 nautical miles east of the entrance to ...

Andreas Ove Ugland

(Mar 10 2020)

Nordic Tankers report that its vice chair Andreas Ove Ugland passed away March 6, 2020 from unexpected illness.

$100m to invest in VLCC Caribbean terminal

(Mar 10 2020)

Connecticut private firm Prostar Capital plans to invest $100 million into a recently acquired terminal in the Caribbean, according to a Houston Chronicle article.

V.Group CEO joins industry leaders at Shell safety conference

(Mar 05 2020)

CEO Graham Westgarth and Mikkjal Poulsen, Managing Director, Dania Ship Management, joined more than 100 CEOs and industry leaders at this year’s Shell Partners in Maritime Safety (PiMS) conference.

Shipowners and operators could face detention of ships from 1st March under IMO rule

(Mar 05 2020)

Port state control authorities will begin to enforce the IMO’s Sulphur 2020 from 1st March, making it an offense for ships to carry fuel that contains a sulphur content higher than 0.5 percent unless the ship has an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System.

The Power of Innovation: Yesterday’s technology has no future

(Mar 05 2020)

The rapid pace of technological innovation has had a growing impact on the shipping industry. But as owners and fleet managers face increasing pressure to improve environmental performance, new technologies will be necessary to ensure a profitable a...

Making this industry proud to send people on ships

(Mar 05 2020)

By Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer at Wallem Group.

Real-time People Data from “wearables” – an integrated safety system

(Mar 05 2020)

Wearables Technologies has developed a software platform called Eleksen to make it easier to handle “wearables” data in an integrated way – such gas, noise and proximity sensors worn by offshore workers.

James Fisher "progress on tank ships"

(Mar 05 2020)

UK shipping company James Fisher and Sons announced in its 2019 results that it had made "further progress in tankships".

Braemar's trading update - strong tanker markets Q4 but significant falls this year

(Mar 05 2020)

Braemar has issued a March 3 2020 "Trading Update".

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