Bahri clarifies misinformation

Feb 15 2019

Bahri has confirmed that the VLCC ‘Abqaiq’ is sailing in ballast from the Red Sea to pick up a cargo from Jose Terminal in Venezuela for one of its regular Indian charterers.

This cargo was contracted on 9th January, 2019, well before the US sanctions were imposed against Venezuela on 28th January, 2019, the company claimed.

Her voyage was expected to be completed before the end of the exemption period allowed to wind-down agreements, Bahri explained.

Venezuela is a frequent loading destination for Bahri’s tankers, which deliver cargoes to Indian and Chinese ports. As a result, the recent voyage to Venezuela was not exceptional or peculiar one, as stated by some sources, the company explained.

Bahri strictly adheres to and ensures full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in every market where it operates, it stressed in a statement.


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