ChartCo to introduce new platforms at SMM

Aug 09 2018

ChartCo is to unveil a completely new e-navigation and compliance platform at this year’s SMM in Hamburg.

ChartCo OneOcean will play an important role in how shoreside operations and shipping fleets are managed whilst offering significant benefits to on board crew.


A notable new feature within the OneOcean platform is the incorporation of data from ChartCo’s environmental solution, EnviroManager, which helps crews comply with both MARPOL, regional and national regulations.


EnviroManager includes the baseline information for each country as required by the regulations. An integral function in the new OneOcean platform, EnviroManager will help crew effectively plan the handling of waste and minimise the risk of a faulty discharge with the associated fines and reputational damage.


In addition, ChartCo will also introduce an upgraded version of its flagship software, PassageManager, which is used by more than 6,500 vessels worldwide.


All the key functions and content of the previous version of PassageManager have now been fully integrated, enabling users to access information in one place. An ENC can now be overlaid with all the critical content required for passage planning purposes, without the user having to switch screens.


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