Chios Navigation chooses Langh scrubbers

Jul 05 2019

Langh Tech has delivered a scrubber system to a Chios Navigation MR newbuilding at Hyundai Mipo Shipyard.

In early 2018, Chios Navigation was one of the first Greek shipowners to select Langh Tech open loop-hybrid ready scrubbers for a newbuilding project at Hyundai Mipo.


The system consists of a U-type multi-inlet five flue gas sources, open Loop hybrid ready configuration to serve a main engine developing 7,180 kW MCR power, three auxiliary generating sets and the auxiliary boiler, consuming only about 130 kW in design operating load.


At the end of April, 2019,’Doric Courage’ was delivered from the shipyard with sea trials confirming the high performance of the scrubber system and its simplicity, the company claimed.


‘’We were looking for a Scrubber system for our newbuilding project that would be technically simple and sound, but with qualitative elements. We favoured a provider being fully acceptable by HMD Shipyard, demonstrating efficient project management skills and offering strong after sales support.


 Langh Tech, as shipowners themselves, demonstrated and proved their understanding of our targets and we eventually received a high-performance system with minimal issues during construction, commissioning and delivery. We believe that we have invested in an efficient hybrid-ready solution with low operating costs,” said Nicholas Kydoniefs, Chios Navigation technical director.


‘’It is our honour to serve Chios Navigation in Greece and we are very excited to work on our first Hyundai Mipo MR tanker project. Our system was fully fit to the scrubber design specification and space configuration of the shipyard while due to low operating costs it will offer a significantly fast pay-back to the shipowner. We have further committed to provide a strong technical support during the whole operational lifetime of the system," said Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, commercial director of Langh Tech.


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