CSR Software upgraded

Jul 05 2019

Common Structural Rules Software, a joint venture between Lloyd’s Register (LR) and ABS, has updated its software products to simplify compliance with existing and future IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR).

Both LR and ABS will use these tools to evaluate new designs against the CSR.


The software provides users with an easy way to evaluate designs, the class societies said. It was recently cross-checked by IACS and both software products, CSR Prescriptive Analysis and CSR Finite Element (FE) Analysis, demonstrated very high accuracy for calculations against comparable software.


Nick Brown, LR Marine and Offshore Director, commented: “By working together, LR and ABS have continued to improve our Common Structural Rules Software to ensure that we provide the best tools for the industry to use when applying Common Structural Rules. The high accuracy of the software’s calculations in the recent IACS cross-check results demonstrates that CSRS should be considered the benchmark in its field.”


“We are living in a time of rapid change in the marine and offshore industries. So, as regulations evolve and requirements change, it is imperative for classification societies to provide services and solutions that keep pace,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology. “These enhancements to the CSRS products ensure our tools remain effective and provide the best possible guidance to our clients, and to the public interest by extension.”


CSR Prescriptive Analysis and CSR FE Analysis were both updated to reflect new rule changes that will came into force on 1st July, 2019. To improve reliability in assessment, CSR Prescriptive Analysis has newly implemented swash bulkhead calculations and enhanced the Primary Support Members calculations with new modelling function for openings.


This software is now employed by over 600 users. Regular updates for additional structural coverage and functionality will address ongoing CSR changes, LR and ABS said.


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