Denmark’s strong presence at Marintec

Nov 17 2017

Danish Marine Group is organising a national Pavilion of Denmark at Marintec China 2017.

At the Pavilion of Denmark, some 43 Danish companies are presenting their products and services to the global marine industry.


Among Danish companies recent successes were Hans Jensen Lubricators order for 10 large ore carriers to be built by CSSC for COSCO.


At Marintec, Danfoss Industrial Automation will launch the new MBT 5116 temperature sensor designed for optimal temperature measurement enabling shipowners and ship operators to improve engine efficiency and maintenance.


“The diesel engine is a complex machine consisting of several sub-systems, which needs constant monitoring and control to ensure optimum performance of the engine,” said Zhao Han, Danfoss sales director in China. “Accordingly, there is a growing demand for precise and reliable sensors providing essential input to the engine control system. In turn, it optimizes engine performance and energy efficiency even under the most difficult operating conditions.”


In addition to measuring and regulating exhaust gas from diesel engines, the MBT 5116 temperature sensor enables preventative maintenance and ensure that marine applications comply with environmental and safety legislations.


“The sensors are an integrated part of the engine alarm and safety system that immediately detects irregularities in temperature, pressure or flow that might cause permanent harm to the engine. If no intervention is performed, the control system prompts automatic slow-down of the engine and, if necessary, safety shut-down of the engine to avoid havoc,” says Zhao Han.


Meanwhile, Maersk Fluid Technology can blend the cylinder oil for all levels of sulfur fuel, while reducing the total lubrication oil consumption by up to 40% a year.


The Danish company has secured an order from China COSCO Shipping Group.


“Partly on cylinder oil optimisation and partly due to recycling, the Blending-on-Board system enables vessels to save up to 40% of the total lube oil consumption. A medium-size vessel can save up to 10 tonnes on recycling. The total lubrication oil consumption reduction on a medium-size engine is up to 25 tonnes,” claimed Jens Byrgesen, Maersk Fluid Technology managing director.


Along with reduced costs of lubrication oil, the Blending-on-Board system allow shipowners to reduce fuel consumption up to 1.5%.


“In a car, oil thickens resulting in more friction and wear on the engine and consequently, an increased fuel consumption. This is equivalent to a marine engine and thus, there is a correlation between the lubrication oil consumption and fuel consumption,” Byrgesen explained: “Reduced fuel consumption is directly connected to reduced CO2 emissions and with these benefits, we have secured a Blending-on-Board order from China COSCO Shipping Group for installations on board COSCO containers and tanks.”  

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