DESMI wins large tanker contract

Jul 12 2019

Stolt Tankers is to install DESMI Ocean Guard’s CompactClean ballast water management system (BWMS) on its fleet.

More than 60 chemical tankers will be fitted with a CompactClean BMWS by the end of 2023.

Most of the ships will be retrofitted with two CompactClean BWMS - one for each ballast pump, the advantage being that the ships will maintain full redundancy on their ability to ballast and de-ballast, which is a priority for Stolt Tankers.

Herman Heyns, Stolt Tankers’ Senior Project Manager, explained: “While strict compliance with all environmental and safety regulations is a must, we always undertake great efforts to be compliant without jeopardising the smooth and efficient daily operation of our ships.

“After careful consideration, we found that the CompactClean BWMS was the ideal solution for us in order to meet the IMO and US Coast Guard regulations for ballast water treatment. We will be able to retrofit two systems into the pump rooms or on the deck of most of our ships.

“For Stolt Tankers it is essential to keep our ballast operations as simple as possible, and we do not want to complicate this more than necessary,” he said.

“Stolt Tankers is a very well respected company and a true leader in the chemical tanker segment. The fleet of ships owned and operated by Stolt Tankers is top of the line sophisticated chemical tankers, which imposes extra challenges on the BWMS to be retrofitted.

“Obviously, the BWMS must be approved for installation in hazardous areas (EX-certified), but they also need to be capable of being incorporated in a smooth and seamless manner into the existing automation on the vessel. Therefore, we are particularly proud that after a very careful evaluation and selection process, Stolt Tankers decided for installation of the CompactClean BWMS on the entire existing fleet.

“With the very small footprint, ease of operation, and completely chemical free treatment of the ballast water, CompactClean is a good and safe choice for chemical tankers,” explained Rasmus Folsø, DESMI Ocean Guard CEO.

DESMI also announced that the CompactClean BWMS had received amended US Coast Guard Type Approval certificate with just two hours minimum hold time restriction in US waters.

Furthermore, the amended USCG type approval certificate now covers all the ATEX and IECEX certified versions, enabling the company to install the units in hazardous areas on board oil, gas and chemical tankers, flying both US and non-US flags.


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