EDIT Automation joins Green Award

Dec 15 2017

EDIT Automation has become a Green Award incentive provider.

The Greek-based company is involved in the manufacture, repairs and sales of marine and industrial automation systems, as well as sales, maintenance and calibration of marine environmental protection systems complying to the latest regulations.


In addition, EDIT provides training in the use of automation and environmental protection systems to crew and shore personnel.


EDIT will provide discounts up to 30% on various products and services to Green Award certificate holders.


Amongst these are the replacement of oil content meters complying with MEPC 60 (33) regulation, with the new FOCAS 15 ppm oil content meter from FELLOW KOGYO, complying with MEPC 107 (49) regulation, as well as various units that comply with 14001 standards, such as paperless recorders CMC 99 & 141 by SIMEX, and automation systems inspections, services, repairs and calibrations at a vessel’s annual survey or vessels’ drydock.


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