Ektank chooses WE Tech

Mar 17 2017

WE Tech Solutions has received an order to fit a permanent magnet shaft generator solution to two newbuilding 18,600 dwt chemical tankers with an option for another two.

The tankers are being built by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) Chengxi Shipyard for the Swedish shipowner Ektank. WE Tech’s equipment will be delivered to Hudong Heavy Machinery in October this year.

“The solution from WE Tech is important for us to build the next generation chemical tankers, in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. These vessels will meet all known future demands from governments, the industry and from our customers,” said Jörgen Johnsson, Ektank managing director.

WE Tech’s solution is based on patented variable frequency drive technology (WE Drive) and the direct drive permanent magnet shaft generator. The solution allows the main engine to run at variable speeds, while the electrical network is generated by the shaft generator. Therefore, there is no need to run the auxiliary engines or generators when sailing, which creates fuel savings and reduces operational and maintenance costs. In case the main engine is out of operation, the solution uses the shaft generator as a motor – a cost-effective auxiliary propulsion drive (APD) to ensure the vessels’ safe return to port.

This solution also brings an efficient method to distribute power to the tankers’ bow thrusters and cargo handling systems. Furthermore, when the tankers are in port, the solution allows the use of cleaner shore power.

“WE Tech is proud to be a pioneer to supply the most energy efficient solutions. We, as well as our customers, strongly believe that our innovative technology and reliable solutions are the future for the marine industry,” said Martin Andtfolk, WE Tech sales manager.  

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