ExxonMobil meets new ISO specifications

Dec 01 2017

All of ExxonMobil’s marine fuels now meet the new ISO 8217:2017 specifications, the supplier claimed.

The newly published sixth edition of the specifications updates the 2012 version (ISO 8217:2012).


A number of revisions have been made to address current industry trends, including:


•             The introduction of supplementary cold flow data for distillate fuels.

•             The addition of a new class of distillates allowing for bio-fuel blends.

•             The inclusion of hydrocarbons from synthetic or renewable sources.


In order to comply with the new specifications, ExxonMobil has included the cold filter plugging point and cloud point of distillate fuels on its bunker delivery notes. Stating cold flow properties in this way will help vessel operators better manage fuels on board, the company said.


“Our customers rely on us to deliver the highest quality products,“ said Iain White, global marketing manager, ExxonMobil Marine. “Meeting the new ISO 8217:2017 specifications allows us to support our customers’ fuel needs and aids in preventing safety issues as any material at a concentration that is harmful to personnel, jeopardises the safety of the ship, or adversely affects the performance of the machinery, has been removed.”


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