Fidra Films addresses pilotage arrangements

Sep 08 2017

Training and education provider, Fidra Films is producing a film aimed at improving the safety of pilot ladders and pilot transfer arrangements.

This follows the success of ‘BeCyberAwareAtSea’ film released in early July. -


The company explained that the production budget is raised by selling sponsorship to companies and organisations looking to engage with the same audience, thus allowing Fidra to deliver the resources free of charge.


Fidra said this was called ‘Engage and Educate’, ie the opportunity to engage with customers and potential customers by providing education in a format that will be remembered and shared.


The new film will have two primary functions:


*As an instructional tool for those at the sharp end, ie pilots, pilot boat crews, shipboard officers and seafarers, inspectors, maintenance workers, etc.


*As an awareness-raising tool for shore-based managers, inspectors, regulators, designers and builders.


For a sponsor, this project is an opportunity to engage with and influence those with the responsibility for the purchasing of pilot ladders and associated safety-critical equipment, as well as those in overall charge of pilotage operations for their organisation, by helping them to make more informed decisions, Fidra said.


The film is intended to be part of a larger campaign, begun a couple of years ago on Twitter using the hashtag ‘#dangerousladders’. This campaign has brought together pilots and their representatives worldwide from across the industry , many of whom have contributed to the ground-work for the film project.


The exact content and its presentation method will be generated through discussions with advisers and subject-matter experts from the pilotage community and the sponsoring partners, in conjunction with Fidra’s creative team.


A key principle of the project is to get across the following message: ‘If it’s not compliant, it’s not safe. If it’s not safe, don’t use it!’


Following a spate of accidents involving pilots back in 2006/7, the IMO tasked IMPA with surveying pilot ladder arrangements across the industry for compliance with international regulation. Since then, including the recent PSA Marine survey of January, 2017 conducted in Singapore, the results  have revealed that an average of about 20% of all pilot ladder arrangements are non-compliant, and are therefore unsafe to use.


The film will be delivered primarily via the internet, using the Fidra Films’ website, YouTube and social media channels, as well as our sponsor’s and partners’ channels. There will also be an ‘offline’ version made available for download, for delivery to vessels who don’t have access to the internet.


Alternative delivery methods are also possible, such as hard-copy delivery by pilots and other visitors to vessels during the course of their work.  

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