Following ''Stena Polaris''

Oct 11 2013

Following Stena Bulk’s P-MAX ‘Stena Polaris’ progress through the Northern Sea Route (NSR), the company said that this is the ninth time that one of its vessels will have navigated through the Northeast Passage since 2011.

The Russian authorities responsible for administering the Northeast Passage have exacting requirements on technology and equipment, the company said in its latest blog.

Stena Polaris’ has been assisted by the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker ‘Taymyr’ with a crew of 110. Also, throughout the voyage there are so-called ‘ice advisors’ on board the tanker who are used to navigating in Arctic waters

In order to raise competence on board still further, Stena has been collaborating for some years with Russian Makarov State University in St Petersburg, which specialises in navigation in ice covered waters.

About 25% of the officers on board Stena Bulk’s tanker fleet are Russian and most of them were educated and trained at Makarov.

Stena Polaris breaking ice.


Patrik Svahn, manager commercial operations in Stena Bulk’s Gothenburg office is on board the vessel and blogs directly from the ship.

”As always, Saturday is drill day and today was no exception. On the menu was a safety drill with helicopter launching, an abandon ship drill and again a fire drill but this time it was time for fire in the paint store.

“At 15:30 the alarm sounded and all crew and passengers went the to their respective muster station. We started off with the helicopter launch drill which today consisted of the 3rd officer verbally going through the different scenarios where helicopter launching could be necessary,such as during a medical emergency, so called ‘helivac’ and what to think of, if this would come into reality.

“Past experiences were shared and those who had questions had the opportunity to ask them.

Before we were finished with this drill the 3rd officer advised that after the remaining drills we will all meet inside in the ships office where we will watch an educational movie about helicopter launching,” he wrote.



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