Getting ready for TMSA3

Nov 10 2017

Amanda Hastings, claims executive at UK P&I Club, took a look at the implications of OCIMF’s TMSA3.

“OCIMF published the third edition of its Tanker Management and Self-Assessment guide (TMSA3) in April, 2017 and as of 1st January, 2018, this will replace the TMSA2 and tanker owners will be required to follow the new self-assessment procedure. Therefore, it is important that they are informed and familiar with the updates to the regulation,” she said. 

“TMSA3 introduces some minor and major changes. Elements 6, 6A and 10 have all had revisions, with element 10 now incorporating the OCIMF Energy Efficiency and Fuel Management paper that had previously been a supplement to TMSA2. Additionally, TMSA3 also has 19 more KPIs than TMSA2, showing the focus on continuous improvement.

“The most significant change is the incorporation of an entirely new element – Maritime Security (element 13). The purpose of this addition is ‘to establish and maintain policies and procedures in order to respond to and mitigate identified security threats covering all company activities including cyber security.’ To comply, tanker owners should put detailed security plans in place that cover cyber security risks, all shored-based activities, vessels and personnel.

“To assist with the transition there are free resources available to help tanker members comply with the Maritime Security element. The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) standards, in conjunction with the Department for Transport, have created a comprehensive code of practice for cyber security on board ships.

“This code follows on from previous work the Department for Transport has done on port cyber security. Additionally, an industry working group (which included OCIMF) has created Guidelines on Cyber Security on board Ships. These valuable resources can help those affected by the updates to TMSA3 to get up to speed before 1st January 2018,” she explained.


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