Hempel introduces new antifouling

Jun 07 2019

Coatings manufacturer Hempel has launched Globic 7000, a new antifouling coating with enhanced operational flexibility for all vessel types giving an average speed loss of 4.5%, according to ISO 19030.

This contributes to significant fuel cost savings, and a reduction in associated emissions, for owners and operators, the company claimed.

Specifically designed to deliver effective protection for up to 60 months, Globic 7000 incorporates an optimum biocide mix to guard against both hard and soft fouling. With an improved performance against slime and algae, the new antifouling is suitable for wide operational conditions, including slow steaming and long idle periods.

Globic 7000 is built on Hempel's Globic technology that has been applied to more than 10,000 vessels since its launch in 2002, to help ensure uniform and effective biocide release and a clean hull over the entire drydocking interval, the company said.

Commenting on the launch of the new hull coating, Davide Ippolito, Hempel’s Head of Marine Group Product Management, said: "Our Globic range is one of our most successful, as they offer an excellent return on investment. Globic 7000, our latest addition, has been designed to offer customers full operational flexibility. In support of the industry's current move towards slow steaming operations, this new coating delivers significant fuel savings and exceptional protection for up to 60 months, for all vessel types and a wide range of operational conditions. The high-volume solids in the coating mean that it can be applied more quickly to deliver further cost reductions whilst the vessel is in drydock."  

Hempel's patented Nano acrylate technology is the strength behind the Globic range and provides a fine polishing control mechanism to bring the integral biocides to the surface at a stable rate to ensure a clean hull over the entire service life period.


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