Intellian launches 1.5 m convertible VSAT terminal

May 10 2019

Intellian has introduced what it claims is the world’s first 1.5 m Ku to Ka convertible VSAT terminal - v150NX.

The antenna is also claimed to be a future-proof system supporting 2.5 GHz Wide Ka-band networks, as well as GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellations.

It is easily converted to Ka-band by changing the RF Assembly and Feed, as the reflector and radome are optimised for operation across both frequency bands.

At this year’s Satellite Show, which was held at the Walter E Washington Convention Centre in DC this week, Intellian displayed its new product’s Ka-band version, the v150NX Ka.

This terminal is also compatible with future 2.5 GHz Wide Ka-band networks and has already delivered speeds of 830 Mbps while om trials. With GEO/MEO/LEO tracking capability, the v150NX Ka is ready for operation with forthcoming new high-speed and low-latency networks, Intellian said.

Both the v150NX and v150NX Ka enable high-throughput broadband at sea and can be quickly installed to deliver satellite tracking as a land gateway antenna system. In addition, the antenna can be interconnected with no loss of signal even at longer distances, using the Intellian Fiber Link Solution.

Eric Sung, Intellian CEO, said, “The industry-leading performance, simplified installation and ensured compatibility with future constellations and networks positions our new 1.5 m antennas as one of the most innovative, flexible and cost-effective connectivity platforms available for diverse users on land and at sea.”


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