KR introduces remote survey service

Jun 07 2019

The Korean Register (KR) has launched a remote class survey service for its deepsea fleet.

The KR Remote Survey can be conducted anywhere in the world without requiring a surveyor's attendance on board. 

KR is able to offer its clients several types of surveys using this method; a continuous machinery survey (CMS), a three-month extension to a propeller shaft and stern tube shaft survey, a three-month extension for boiler survey (only for exceptional circumstances), a minor damage survey (if approved by the flag administration), and an outstanding COC (condition of class) survey (which confirms repair deficiencies and/or corrective actions).

However, there may be restrictions. For example, statutory surveys conducted on behalf of flag administrations are excluded.. 

Jeong-kie Lee, KR CEO and Chairman, said: "As part of the industrial revolution 4.0, we are constantly reviewing our technologies to see what we can streamline and with improved internet connectivity around the world, this is will be a clear benefit to our customers without compromising standards in any way."

KR's clients can arrange a remote survey through KR e-Fleet portal.

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