LuminUltra concludes aqua-tools acquisition

Nov 30 2018

LuminUltra, the Canadian-based specialist in microbiological monitoring tools, has completed the acquisition of the Rapid Microbial Solutions (RMS) division of French-based aqua-tools.

The acquisition, announced in October, includes the B-QUA ballast water test kit and aqua-tools’ European customer base for its patented ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) measurement products.


Pat Whalen, LuminUltra president and CEO, said: “The acquisition of aqua-tools’ B-QUA line of ballast water monitoring solutions along with its European customer base is a key development in our strategy to enter the international maritime sector.


“Our goal is to expand our global footprint through a wider network of partners across the European continent and we look forward to bringing our maritime customers closer to the LuminUltra family,” he said.


Remaining in Paris, aqua-tools employees dedicated to the Rapid Microbial Solutions division have joined the LuminUltra team. aqua-tools continues to operate as a separate business, focusing solely on its infection control solutions.


Marc Raymond, aqua-tools managing director, said: “We are delighted the acquisition has concluded with the successful migration of our rapid microbial solutions and staff to LuminUltra.


“For LuminUltra, the technology transfer is something of a homecoming since the rapid ballast water test kit was initially developed as a collaborative project between aqua-tools, SGS Group (Switzerland) and LuminUltra. The 2nd generation ATP technique used in the B-QUA test kit is proven to be the most reliable and effective indicative monitoring solution on the market,” he claimed.


The addition of B-QUA compliments LuminUltra’s portfolio of ATP microbial testing solutions, all of which have significant relevance for the commercial and offshore marine segments.


For example, the company’s patented Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO–M)  test kit has been designed specifically to monitor the bacteria content of fuel systems to curtail biofouling and microbial influenced corrosion of pipework. Its water test kit (QGA) can be used to monitor the microbial quality of drinking water on board. Both of these analyses can be performed with the same equipment as that used for ballast water.


“Effective microbiological control is critical for maintaining efficient processes in a number of maritime and offshore applications,” added Whalen. “LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP testing provides results within minutes to give operators a clear indication of the total microbial activity and health of their water, wastewater and fuel systems. Microbiology is rarely considered a problem until it becomes a problem.”


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