Marlink extends relationship with Intelsat

Oct 18 2019

Marlink has agreed a multi-year renewal and expansion of its partnership with Intelsat to provide broadband services to vessels worldwide.

The multi-year agreement will deliver additional throughput to vessels via multiple layers of space-based coverage, ensuring that shipowners and operators have the flexibility and access to reliable, high-quality, always-on connectivity, Marlink said.

Initiated in 2014, this partnership enabled Marlink to enhance its  portfolio of maritime VSAT services. It also unlocked applications that improve operational efficiencies for shipowners and operators across all maritime segments.

“Our partnership is a great example of how pairing Intelsat’s robust, global communications infrastructure with Marlink’s diverse portfolio of communications solutions results in the ultimate connectivity experience at sea,” said Samer Halawi, Intelsat’s Executive Vice President, CCO. “With Intelsat’s global connectivity, Marlink is delivering the services that are most in demand by shipowners and operators today. The coverage and flexibility provided by Intelsat’s space-based and terrestrial network allow Marlink to scale and meet their customers’ increasing demands and changing requirements.”

“The demand for dependable, high-quality VSAT connectivity in the maritime sector has increased significantly in recent years,” said Erik Ceuppens, Marlink Group CEO. “Together, Marlink and Intelsat have matched this escalation every step of the way, constantly working to drive improvements in service efficiency and resilience for our customer base.

“Marlink is now the world’s largest maritime VSAT satellite service provider both in revenue and number of vessels, which is driving Marlink’s desire to secure long-term partnerships to future-proof our connectivity services,” he claimed.


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