More tanker owners opt for scrubbers

Jul 06 2018

DHT Holdings and TORM are to install exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), or scrubbers, on tankers in their respective fleets.

DHT has signed an agreement with Alfa Laval to supply the scrubbers for 12 VLCCs and has also secured shipyard capacity to install all the systems within 2019.


These systems will be installed on ships built between 2004 and 2012, the part of the fleet that stands to achieve the greatest economic benefit, DHT said.


These 12 systems will come in addition to the two EGCS being installed on the newbuildings ‘DHT Bronco’ and ‘DHT Mustang’ set for delivery later this quarter from Hyundai Heavy Industries.


As a result, by the time that the IMO sulfur cap is implemented on 1st January, 2020, DHT will have 14 VLCCs fitted with scrubbers.   


In addition, the company has received proposals to finance the majority of the project with debt and is confident that this will be concluded in the near future.  


The company said: "We look at the upcoming IMO sulfur cap as an opportunity for DHT rather than a threat. We come well prepared and are very pleased with the timely project we have put in place. This project could potentially create a super-profit for the ships in question and boost the already significant operational leverage in DHT."


Elsewhere, a TORM spokesperson has confirmed a story that the company is to install scrubbers on 13 tanker newbuildings.


They include seven MRs, four LR2s and two LR1s. All are being built by CSSC Offshore & Marine.


The first scrubber fitted on a tanker, due for delivery in the third quarter of this year, was also supplied by Alfa Laval.


The spokesperson explained that TORM was still holding discussions with various manufacturers for the other units to be fitted.


TORM estimated that each scrubber will cost around $2 mill with a return on investment (RoI) of around two to three years.


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