Newport Group looks to scrubbers

Oct 05 2018

Shiprepairer Newport Shipping Group has purchased 100 scrubbers with options for another 100 units.

They will be manufactured by Chinese supplier Weihai Puyi Marine Environmental Technology (Puyier).

The purchases were aimed at safeguarding shipowners against price hikes or production bottlenecks, as demand increases, the company said.

To handle the installations, co-operation agreements have been signed with engineering services providers, Harris Pye and Goltens.

Newport Shipping CEO, Erol Sarikaya, said: “Together with our existing global network of drydocks, we can now offer the marine industry its first-ever turnkey scrubber retrofit solution. We are providing shipowners with a true one-stop-shop for equipment procurement, engineering, guaranteed retrofit slots, and attractive deferred payment plans covering up to 60% of the total contract cover over 18-months subsequent to retrofit completion.

“Having secured an eight-month lead-time for scrubbers ordered by the end of October, we can guarantee shipowners that their retrofits will be completed well in advance of the 2020 sulfur cap implementation date,” he said.

Harris Pye and Goltens will provide 3D scanning and engineering services, including basic and detailed design, prefabrication and, where required, riding squads to facilitate partial or full in-service retrofits.

Goltens vice president, Sandeep Seth, explained: “The market is gathering pace as more and more shipowners opt for the scrubber solution as the way to comply with the global sulfur cap rule. With the agreement we have reached with Newport Shipping, shipowners benefit not only from our Green Technologies’ service offering, but drydock availability, a cost-effective means of financing their scrubber retrofits and a scrubber technology that is proven with more than 50 installations.”

Harris Pye COO, Chris David, added: “With the global emissions regulation due to enter into force in just over one year, shipowners and operators are realising that exhaust cleaning makes more commercial sense due to the clear payback. Harris Pye further enhances Newport Shipping offerings by providing a significant scope of in-service work which reduces off-hire time at the shipyard for a more rapid retrofit re-delivery.”

Roy Yap, Newport Shipping’s COO, said: “Having vetted numerous scrubber manufacturers over the past year, including new entrants to the market; we selected Puyier because of its 10-year track record in exhaust gas cleaning technology. Together with our professional network of partners, Newport makes scrubbers accessible for retrofits in service or at the shipyard.”

Puyier general manager, Ryan Gao, said: “With Newport’s bulk purchase of 100+100 scrubbers, we are able to pass on any savings to the shipowner while locking in favourable delivery slots. With major scrubber manufacturers offering lead-times of between 16 to 20 months; our established design, supply chain and manufacturing base provide timely eight-month deliveries for Newport customers.”

Puyier manufactures open, closed and hybrid scrubber systems in both I-type and U-type configuration. It has more than 70 references and has another 100 units on order. The system has received approval from all the major classification societies following its installation on board a containership in 2013


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