NORDEN appoints de-carbonisation tsar

Sep 13 2019

NORDEN has appointed a dedicated de-carbonisation expert to drive its efforts and meet the company’s ambitious emission reduction targets.

The new role will accelerate NORDEN’s development of CO2 neutral transportation to customers and gather contributions throughout the organisation into a united and efficient effort, the company said.

“We want to further intensify our efforts to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future and offer our customers CO2 neutral transportation. We have come a long way by increasing our fuel efficiency, but it is initiatives such as testing new CO2 neutral fuel, that is needed in order to meet the targets set out, ” explained CEO, Jan Rindbo referring to the world’s first test voyage on a large deepsea vessel powered 100% by CO2 neutral biofuel, which NORDEN recently undertook.

The initiative will be led by Henrik Røjel, who was Senior Performance Manager in the company’s Fuel Efficiency team, which he helped to establish. In his new role, he will drive the company’s de-carbonisation agenda, to accelerate efforts in developing CO2 neutral transportation to customers and to ensure all initiatives on de-carbonisation are co-ordinated and prioritised.

“My ambition is to truly work to make a difference,” said Røjel. “I look forward to drawing on the vast knowledge and experience in the entire NORDEN organisation and to take NORDEN forward, working with the industry to create real, lasting results.”

The company’s de-carbonisation efforts are focused on short and medium-term projects and will continue to draw on expertise from around the organisation.


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