Nordic American "Bonanza Continuing"

Jan 02 2020

"The good market for all our tankers is continuing" says Herbjorn Hansson, CEO and chairman of Nordic American Tankers, in a letter to shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

We started the New Year and the new quarter with booking one of our 23 Suezmax tankers for a Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) in excess of $100,000/day. Although this type of rates cannot be expected for all our vessels in all areas, it is another confirmation of the strength of the market. Our operating costs are $8,000/day for each vessel.

During the last few days, we have seen political uncertainty in the Middle East, a center for seaborne oil transportation.

As we have repeatedly stated in our reports, political uncertainty is often positive for the tanker market. Dislocation of oil production now leads to longer transportation distances.  

With or without political uncertainty, the tanker market is strong. On that note, we would like to wish everyone a good tanker year!

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.                     

Herbjorn Hansson                                                                                                                 

Chairman & CEO


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