OSM expands services

Jun 07 2019

OSM Maritime has launched OSM ON - a portfolio of new services.

The new product line will be offered to a customer base that not only includes owners, but also insurance companies, financial institutions and brokers.
It makes use of the company’s recently opened Singapore Maritime Operations Centre, which digitally connects all vessels under OSM management, and all activities with real-time visibility and transparency to provide 24/7 response and risk management support services. 
Since the operations centre was opened in 2018, it has tailored a range of analytics applications and services..
OSM ON is part of that development, explained Bjoern Sprotte, OSM Maritime COO & President, “From the outset the centre has offered ‘always on’ fleet and business support services, but – together with tech start-ups - we’ve looked at finding new ways to fully unlock the value of the data we gather for the benefit of our customers, in the context of the unique industry experience and expertise OSM is built upon. OSM ON is a product of that drive.
“Over the past six months we’ve been trialling the service on ships under full technical management, and the results have exceeded our expectations. What we have is a truly effective way of monitoring and supporting operations of our crew on individual vessels. 
“Moreover we have seen the real benefits of looking at entire fleets and providing a new level of enhanced safety. With our competent staff, the centre operates as a point of contact and as a professional response team for emergencies and unforeseen incidents, while providing businesses with the insights and transparency to support decision making.
“Furthermore, we can help with regulatory compliance, giving notification of special requirements when entering specific areas and, more broadly, through emission control and fuel efficiency monitoring. What we have is a fully rounded proposition, both operationally and commercially, for a diverse group of customers to add an unprecedented level of comfort to their risk management,” he said.
OSM has completed the initial phase and has opened OSM ON for selected new clients. However, this is not the end of development, as Sprotte added that services will be tailored to customer requirements and new solutions may be co-developed and added to the package. 
“We pride ourselves on delivering according to individual needs,” he said, “putting people first and understanding each customer’s segment, vessel, and business objectives. In that sense we work as partners rather than simple suppliers, adding value wherever possible. As an example of this we are already working to develop additional OSM ON services to meet the specific needs of offshore and shuttle tanker customers. 
“We are committed to delivering the ‘future of ship management’ and to achieve that we never stand still. OSM ON is living proof of that ambition,” he concluded.

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