Parker Kittiwake unveils all-in-one analyser

Nov 10 2017

Manufacturer of condition monitoring technologies, Parker Kittiwake, has launched the attenuated total reflection (ATR) analyser.

This analyser represents a breakthrough for the simultaneous testing of base number (BN), total acid number (TAN), insolubles, soot loading, viscosity, FAME and water content of oil samples on board ship, allowing all parameters to be measured using a single sample in one test kit, the company claimed.

Frequent testing is essential to understanding the operating conditions, allowing engineers to prevent unnecessary damage to critical and expensive engine components.

Operators have usually required a suite of condition monitoring tools to determine the operational integrity of the system, testing for each potentially damaging element separately, which increases costs, the time needed to carry out the testing, and the amount of equipment required.    

Larry Rumbol, marine condition monitoring manager, said:“Engineers today face a multitude of challenges brought about by new equipment, technology and operating methods. Their best line of defence is to pro-actively monitor the condition of the engine through testing a range of parameters to understand the conditions within the system, allowing them to take control of the risks. 

“By taking sophisticated spectroscopy technology out of the laboratory and bringing it straight to the engineers on board in the form a simple, compact analyser, we can help the crew to maximise the operational efficiencies of their vessels whilst also preventing unplanned downtime and reducing costs.

“Proactive condition monitoring should be as simple and cost effective to undertake as possible. Providing engineers with the tools they need, without increasing the need for extensive training or complex equipment, is the best way to ensure they have the information required to effectively manage the operational efficiency of the vessel.

“The ATR analyser provides operators with laboratory standard testing on board and in real time, allowing them to take immediate action and stand the best chance of preventing costly engine damage,” he said.


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