Permanent magnet shaft generators for Ektank newbuildings

Apr 21 2017

The Switch, a developer and supplier of advanced drive trains, has received an order from WE Tech to deliver permanent magnet (PM) shaft generators for two 18,600 dwt chemical tankers currently under construction for Sweden’s Ektank.

“Our modular, flexible and lightweight PM shaft generators help shipowners meet their ambitious objectives while also delivering real savings and efficiency gains,” said business development manager, Mika Koli. “We see huge potential in marine, and the decision of respected shipowners, such as Ektank, to invest in PM machines demonstrates that our belief is well founded.”

He added: “We’ll be looking to build on this momentum going forwards and raise awareness of the transformative effect of The Switch technology throughout the industry. We believe this is just the start of something akin to an on board energy revolution,. We only entered the marine segment in 2013, but we have already received over 30 orders for our technology, most of them thanks to WE Tech.”

The Switch is targeting growth of 200% within the marine segment in the next five years, the company said.

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