Petronas recognises RS

Mar 17 2017

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has been recognised by Petronas as a condition assessment program (CAP) service provider.

Recognition was granted upon an audit carried out by Petronas about the procedural and regulatory requirements of the RS CAP against the charterer’s vetting standards and acceptance criteria from the terminals.

“We gratefully appreciate co-operating with Petronas as an excellent opportunity to go beyond the classification by providing independent CAP services to tanker operators, with our expert strengths and capabilities to meet the oil & gas industry’s demands, Konstantin Palnikov, RS Director General said.

CAP is a voluntary procedure commonly applied to ageing tankers and other ship types, which is considered as an independent assessment of the vessel’s overall condition, based on examination of the in-service records, close-up inspections of hull, machinery, systems, equipment, etc, plus tests, measurements and structural analysis.

All the findings are documented into a summary report to apply the CAP grade from 1 to 4- from ‘very good’ to ‘poor, respectively.

CAP is also able to certify that a vessel, regardless of age, if technically sound in maintenance and operational performance, may have grade 1 or 2 granted, thus allowing the parties concerned – charterers, underwriters, terminal authorities - to approve the vessel for commercial use.  

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