Primorsk berth damage - Delta pays up

Jul 14 2017

According to the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI), the Commercial Court of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region has received about R3 bill (about $50 mill) from Pontoporos Special Maritime Enterprise and Delta Tankers in lieu of damage to a berth at Primorsk.

The damage was allegedly caused by Delta Tankers’ Aframax ‘Delta Pioneer’.  

Law suits against the two companies were filed by Transneft-Port Primorsk, a subsidiary of Transneft, the owner of Primorsk. Later both law suits were merged by the court.

According to the case documents, in November, 2016, ‘Delta Pioneer collided with a berth at Primorsk damaging the structure and equipment owned by Transneft-Port Primorsk.

Losses were officially confirmed by a technical inspection, while Ernst & Young estimated the cost. The court found that the accident was caused by the ‘Delta Pioneer’s’ crew moving the ship too quickly and not being under control.  

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