Q88 and iMarine form partnership

Nov 09 2018

Q88 has made a substantial investment in iMarine Software.

The companies will join together to promote existing offerings, and to explore new product and service opportunities in the maritime technology sector.


iMarine hosts the Seaproc e-procurement platform, which offers a full source-to-receive cloud-based procurement service. It can be used independently or through connections to most major fleet management systems.


“The partnership between Q88 and iMarine Software came naturally, as we both share a technology vision and how it can be deployed to connect the industry and create efficiencies. Existing solutions have not been adapting to current market needs and technology trends, and SeaProc is positioned to be the preferred solution for the industry.” claimed Issa Odeh, president and CEO of iMarine Software.


Fritz Heidenreich, Q88’s founder and president, said: “Both iMarine and Q88 share a vision for making the global shipping industry more open and connected. Substantial value can be unlocked when users are empowered to share selective information and work collaboratively, to access disparate information, and to turn static data into powerful insights.


“When given the right technology guiding the right people, the possibilities are endless.  I believe both companies are well positioned for strong future growth,“ he said.


The partnership will have a combined staff of 60 people with offices in key maritime locations including Stamford (Conn), London, Hamburg, Istanbul, Athens, Singapore and Manila.


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