Satcoms/Satnav innovations from Nor-Shipping

Jun 07 2019

The following, listed in alphabetical order, are just some of the satcom and satnav announcements made at this week’s Nor-Shipping.

****C-MAP has released C-MAP IMS 2.1, an upgrade of its Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS).

It includes new features for navigational chart and publication management and a more powerful voyage optimisation. 
The newly enhanced NauticalManager module supports a modern and efficient workflow for automated chart and publication management, and a comprehensive set of simple-to-use but powerful tools for route planning, graphical and quantitative analysis of weather and navigational considerations. IMS Voyage Planning is available free of charge to C-MAP commercial chart customers.

****Danelec Marine introduced a new decision-support tool.

The Danelec Marine Bridge Operational Quality Assurance (BOQA) is described as a scalable cloud-based event reporting, analysis and feedback solution integrated with the DanelecConnect shipboard Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

It provides automatic recording and transmission of data from ship navigation systems and sensors through the DanelecConnect hub to shore offices and uses analytical tools to identify deviations from operational parameters.

**** GNS said it is to sell all digital and paper nautical charts and publications at cost price as part of its Voyager Navigation as a Service (VNaaS) solution.  

VNaaS customers will pay an annual software licence fee to access a complete set of software and data analytics tools that enable officers on board to order exactly the charts and publications they need for each voyage and shore-based stakeholders to control and manage navigation purchasing and compliance more effectively.

****KVH Industries has announced that KONGSBERG is its first major partner for the patented KVH Watch IoT Connectivity as a Service.   KVH Watch will provide connectivity for Vessel Insight (see below), a new maritime data infrastructure solution from KONGSBERG’s Kognifai digital ecosystem. 

Vessel Insight enables customers to capture and aggregate quality data from their assets, and securely transfer them to the cloud. Once data is available in the cloud, customers get access to a large range of applications and services.  

****KONGSBERG unveiled Vessel Insight, a subscription-based service addressing the key challenges for digital adoption in the maritime industry.

Vessel Insight enables customers to cost efficiently capture and aggregate quality data from their assets, and securely transfer them to the cloud.

Through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers get access to a large range of leading applications and services that can turn their data into business value. This is the key to enable higher returns from investments in digital solutions, whether they are developed by KONGSBERG, the operators themselves or third parties.

In addition, KONGSBERG and DNV GL announced a partnership involving their respective digital solutions Kognifai and Veracity. Kognifai is tailor made for industrial digitalisation with a particular focus on maritime industry. DNV GL’s Veracity is a platform for digital assurance and class solutions.

****Marlink launched ITLink, a complete portfolio of IT solutions for standardising, simplifying and automating IT operations at sea.

ITLink delivers substantial time and cost savings in on board network IT administration and management through advanced dashboard and intelligent applications.

The new suite is designed as a standalone service with fleet wide standardisation and digitalisation for shipowners. This is more important than ever to ensure to take all the advantages of remote IT intervention on board, 24/7 monitoring of on board IT environment and increase the level of compliance with reference to upcoming regulations, such as IMO2021 and TSMA version 3, Marlink said.

****NAVTOR has signed a collaboration agreement with Japan’s Weathernews (WNI).

This agreement will enable NAVTOR to significantly upgrade its weather information offering within the route planning software NavStation, while WNI will get direct access to ENC and passage planning.

The two companies will apply their combined operational and weather data as a platform to create a new software application to transform data into detailed, reliable and optimised decision-making tools with real-time capabilities.

In addition, NAVTOR has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Total Marine Solutions (TMS) , allowing for the integration of Ocean Guardian’s environmental rules into NAVTOR’s voyage planning software.

NAVTOR will also offer Ocean Guardian’s environmental planning tool as a stand-alone system.

Developed by TMS, Ocean Guardian is a digital tool that provides seafarers with immediate access to environmental regulations worldwide.

****SevenCs and TELKO have signed a co-operation agreement to use the Nautilus SDK Kernel in the development of TELKO’s new TECDIS units.

Also included is a co-operation agreement regarding the distribution of electronic navigational data between the two companies.  

****Speedcast International announced that Delta FLEET will be available to its global maritime customers.

Delta FLEET, which includes chart updates, publications and notices to mariners, is available for L-band transmission to customers with Inmarsat's FleetBroadband service.

The solution is based on SRH Marine's chart distribution platform, which includes the SRH Pilot and SRH Plug. All chart updates are distributed automatically to the ECDIS stations for a flat fee.

****Metocean data provider, Tidetech Commercial Marine, has joined DNV GL’s Veracity platform.

The company claims to be the only provider high resolution forecast modelling of coastal tides and currents, including critical locations, such as the Malacca Strait and English Channel, where there is significant concentration of shipping, currents and tides. 

This data is made available to customers daily and when integrated into navigation and passage planning processes, can have a positive impact not just in reduced fuel consumption and emissions but also in voyage time.

****Finally, Wärtsilä unveiled a new Navi-Planner voyage planning and optimisation solution.

Developed by Transas, a Wärtsilä company, the new Navi-Planner makes use of the connected ECDIS.

This new connectivity allows on board voyage planning to be cut from five hours to 30 min, while also providing a minimum navigational safety standard for a less experienced crew, the company claimed.





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