Sea IT wins large contract

Sep 06 2019

Drybulk and tanker player, Scorpio Group, has opted for Sea IT´s BlueCORE ICT-solution.

The agreement will include IT equipment purchasing and warehousing, on board deployment and day-to-day maintenance. All of the Scorpio fleet is expected to be fitted with the software, progressively.


“BlueCORE provides us with an advanced IT platform with real-time monitoring of all services and applications that is managed and maintained remotely within a Service Management Agreement framework. It supports the on board crew user experience while enabling the faster introduction of new or updated services across our fleet,” said Alasthair Saunders, Scorpio Vessel IT Service Delivery Service Line Lead.


”BlueCORE is a not only an evolution from our existing on board IT infrastructure, it’s a change that involves all the vessel IT service delivery process chain. I’m positively impressed by the attention to detail, the professionalism and the commitment that all Sea IT team is constantly demonstrating, giving me the confidence for a long-lasting partnership,” said Nicola Fainelli, Scorpio Group CIO.


”We are extremely proud to sign our largest contract ever with the professional and fast growing Scorpio Group,” added Kristian Ryberg Sea IT CEO. ”The project is in full operation and we expect to install in average 10 vessels per month during the coming 18 months.”


Sea IT built the first version of BlueCORE security solution in conjunction with an installation of a large VSAT project in 2006. Today, Sea IT installs version 5 of the system, which has been constantly improved and developed based on the experience the company accumulated during years in the industry.


“The big difference between Scorpio and our previous customers is that Scorpio has bought the entire BlueCORE cyber security solution and that only small adjustments based on the original design have been made to adapt the solution to Scorpio's wishes. Together with IOActive, we have tested and quality validated the system based on cyber security and the system has also undergone extensive proof of concept on board two of Scorpio's vessels to ensure that the solution offers all the functionality desired,” Ryberg explained.


”Today we have the opportunity to do everything connected to our ICT solutions in-house - everything from system design, development, programming and configuration, to production, logistics, installation and support. It is also this that makes it possible for a relatively small company like us to not only sell our solutions to large customers, but also to be able to implement, manage, support and develop them in a cost-effective way,” added Patriksson.


“It's all about logistics and planning and we are unique in that sense,” continued Ryberg. “We run logistics planning, an area where great cost savings can be made when executed perfectly. We make sure that our technicians have the right tools, the right equipment and are in the right place to meet the vessel's operational needs 24/7 around the world. This allows us to complete the installation in 30 hours during a port stop. In this way, our customers can expect maximum up-time and at the same time we have minimal support, this is a win-win deal for both parties.”


BlueCORE consists of multiple components, such as system design, test and verification, training, policies, documentation, support, monitoring, communication, standardisation and logistics planning. In the Scorpio agreement, Sea IT manages big data with over 100 real time monitors covering critical components such as server processes and loads, up time, the UPS units battery status – set up and monitored to optimise the vessels sailing time and guarantee smooth operations at sea.


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